I am perturbed by  the United States launching of 50+ “Tomahawk” missiles which likely have radioactive elements into Syria.  This is a supposed retaliation for the alleged use of chemical agents by the Syrian government.  This is not the first time Syria has been accused of using chemical weapons.  The first such accusation, under the Obama administration was never proven.  In fact, the only evidence coming out of subsequent investigations was that the “rebels” had likely used the chemical agents in that case.

Have we forgotten that WMDs that never existed were used as excuse for war in Iraq?  How many times do we need to be lied to before we start questioning the official narrative?  The major news networks all cite US military as the source of their reports.  There is no journalism in that.  Who is on the ground? Who has witness reports?

I have watched intelligent, caring people erupt with rage at Assad and the Syrian regime while looking at photographs of dead children.  Unfortunately, anger can quickly lead to a reaction which can be violent and even self-destructive.  We need more thoughtful investigation.  We all need to think critically before we respond to any injustice.


One thought on “Fool Me Thrice

  1. You pose many very good questions. Even in our own “justice” system, procedure calls for thorough investigation of the facts before penalizing the suspect. There are millions of intelligent people, but in our apolitical society, few are thinking critically when it comes to issues of war, or state to state relations, or ‘patriotism’. You are correct to point out we’ve been fooled before (this is nothing new). There has to be a way to change the heart and minds of the people — similar to what happened during the Vietnam War, with draft dodging (not an option now), burning draft cards (people still have to register), mass demonstrations, etc. There is no real excuse for us to allow these atrocities to continue. This system has to be brought down!!!!!

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