In order to “unblock” my RI license for renewal of my automobile registration, I therefore needed to stop by Providence City Hall today and pay my “seriously delinquent” automobile tax. Whilst seeking out a parking space, I received an urgent message from my bladder in regards to the imminent release of fresh urine(formerly known as iced coffee).
So I figured “Hey, City Hall must have a bathroom”. I found a nice spot to park only one block away, put coins in the meter and walked toward the rear of the building. Apparently today is the day the back of the building gets hosed down. Some people in suits didn’t mind walking up the wet stone staircase but I chose to go around and use the side entrance.

Walking into the first floor hallway I noticed multiple office windows with white signs reading, “closed”.  Turning the corner, I found more white signs this time reading “closed for maintainance” on both Women’s and Men’s restroom doors.

I ascended the wide central staircase to the second floor where the Tax Collector office is located and decided to just pay my bill first.  At this point, my midsection was feeling increasingly unfortable so I was quite thankful that it only took ten minutes to pay my $125 bill which included $13 interest from my 2015(!) tax bill.

I went to the third floor and found a locked Men’s room.  When a nicely dressed lady came out of the Women’s room I asked her if anyone was in there and she told me I would be in “trouble with the police” if I went in there.

Moments later, after finally having located a police officer myself, I asked him if, since I had paid my tax bill, could I now use the restroom?  The studious looking officer directed me to take the elevator up to the fifth floor bathroom which was unlocked.

I walked out of City Hall feeling immense relief when a loud emergency fire alarm started sounding nearby.  I got back into my temporarily paid-in-full automobile and navigated it carefully around fire engines and other traffic in a successful escape from Downcity on a Tuesday.


One thought on “City Hall Restrooms: A Taxing Experience

  1. Nothing goes in a STRAIGHT LINE, EXCEPT, OF COURSE, A STRAIGHT LINE. Nobody said it would be easy. Fyi, when I was young, there were City run public bathrooms underground downtown. I can still remember 2 of them. One was the island across from what is now PPAC. The other is where the bus building is at Kennedy Plaza. Our taxes paid for public rest rooms—where did that money go? And why are there no public rest rooms anymore? I feel your pain!!!

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