Born into it, unto this, cast amongst.

Priveleged and obstinant.  Genius of Lazy.  Overwhelmed by disbelief of self.

Who am I to be born into the richest and most powerful nation and of the supremacist race and dominant gender?  What right do I have? I have all the rights on Earth but satisfaction ain’t one of them.  It feels like Zero rights on the galactic, yea universal scale.

Why should I be so lucky as to lack ambition, display ambivalence in fashion?  My mind floats above and occasionally pities those lesser mortals with a glance or a prayer.

What would you have me do?  Shall I travel abroad on a Corps peace mission?  Dedicate my days to lonely corporate ladder climbing?  Maybe I should commit to all things physically grueling no matter the pay.  I should take my punishment. I should stand up to be counted by the free will of the Market as either mediocrity or death, golden elite or muck in the mud, cushion for the boot, lather for the shaving

I have always felt like a splinter this world, this country, this program, this regime,  Civil disobedience has been my only weapon, peaceful it may be, productive not always.  But guilt is all we can produce in this economy.



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