If you are looking to spark your political angst in the morning, which for me is about as difficult as waving two sticks to the wind, then tune on in to the John DePetro radio show on AM 630 in RI.
His voice is mild, but his words are toxic and his hatred is blatant. In his rants he refers to “these immigrants” that “don’t belong here” and are turning Lil Rhody into a “Haiti of the North” “hellhole”.
Adding a touch of humor to the show, DePetro’s callers are the most ill-informed yet eager voices(with Rhode Island accent) to be found anywhere in media. Imagine if an internet troll identified themself as someone named “Nancy” and you could clearly hear the confused tone in her voice as she asked why Trump doesn’t just sue his own lawyers since the judge presiding over his case is of obviously of Mexican descent. Facebook would be a lot funnier.

DePetro gently nurses each caller’s inarticulate baby-logic and rephrases his or her statements into the talking points that best fit his own agenda(ratings).

This is sick entertainment.  I find myself filled with nervous laughter at the sheer stupidity of the concept that Rhode Island would be somehow better off if it was more white.  If that was true then maybe our ancestors should have stayed in Europe and built a bunch of insurmountable yet beautiful walls all around the continent. Hey, even Drumpf would still be in Germany!


3 thoughts on “John DePetro’s Show(of racism)

  1. Depetro and his ilk are a distraction to forward and positive motion. There is no real dialogue–he/they twist what you say to fit their agenda. There is no learning from one another, no new conclusions drawn. If you’re looking to expose negativity, expose it where it might make a difference. Depetro has been exposed for years for what he is. The people who follow him, for the most part, aren’t anymore interested in seeing the light than they are in voting for Bernie. You’re better off directing you’re attention elsewhere. I don’t even find his show entertaining anymore, nor is it ever enlightening. Turn it off.

  2. I haven’t listened to that buffoon in years. I even stopped going to a cigar lounge because he went there!! Don’t forget, he was fired from his Boston job for his fattist, anti-lesbian, misogynist diatribe on the air. Worse–he was hired back at his old job in R.I.!!! It’s not about information–it’s all about ratings and money. And in some convoluted way, us dialoging about him probably helps his ratings. He’s not important enough to discuss–or listen to.

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