Surely by now anyone capable of even limited critical thinking can see that we are living in a country that engages in propaganda on its own citizens. Our independent minds are regularly cajoled and harassed, tickled and infiltrated by an incomprehensibly powerful media machinery that is owned and controlled by a handful of “elite” barons. These same small groups of individuals that skew and form our national media narratives are the very same people that also hold sway over our political system by openly doling out perfectly legal bribes.


If and when Bernie Sanders concedes this year before or at the Convention in Philly, what will we do?

Obviously, the unlikely outcome of a Drumpf presidency would be horrifying to any of us that can envision a world unified by our common humanity and respect for our home planet.  I can imagine spending hours upon days upon years arguing and debating with Drumpf supporters in the near future, but I hope not because it sounds about as productive as screaming at a wall.  Sure its fun for a few seconds but as I know personally, that kind of fun dissipates quickly just as a tree falling in a forest of deaf ears is seldom seen and never to be heard from.

If Hillary Clinton wins the whole thing(apparently Vegas thinks so!), I’m not sure we will be in a better position to change the world.  I don’t think we will continue to rely on presidential candidates to foment political revolution.  We may need to make an end run and organize outside of the political party system.   Maybe we can form a new “party” that isn’t a party at all.  Maybe the movement is already afoot and the collusion of GOP, DNC, MSM, USA all under the manipulation of a few corporate masters will not be able to stop a movement that is genuine, that comes from within.  I guess it depends on what we all believe is truly possible.  It is really possible that we have the ability to pull together as a species and put a stop to global climate trends that are leading to our impending extinction?

to be cont…


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