On the Democrat side, RI is the only state holding an election today that is not a “closed primary”. This means that if you are Not registered as a member of either R or D party, you Can vote anyway. Yes. Here in RI when you cast your vote in either the D or R primary, you are also simultaneously registering yourself as an official member of that party(2008 RI legislation).

I have temporarily been a Democrat many times. I have also been, rarely, temporarily registered as a Republican.  I will join for a specific purpose(voting) but otherwise hate to be associated with any group as corrupt as either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party.

This two-party system is so far away from democracy that very few people bother to vote at all.  If you do participate, there are plenty of hoops to jump through.  For example, if someone voted for Ron Paul in a previous primary election,  they will not be able to vote today for Bernie Sanders unless he or she took the time to fill out the extra disaffiliation form after voting last time.

No matter who wins our elections, they should be open to everyone no matter what party designation they choose.  This is one of many many important issues that need solving immediately.  Let’s let this be the last election that is in any way “closed”.


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