I shouldn’t neglect to mention that I always make a habit of disaffiliation from the Party whenever I vote in the “primaries”.

The Democrat and Republican Parties amount to an undemocratic two-Party system that I choose to participate in when it is time to vote insofar as my vote matters slightly more during primary season.  However, I do not identify with the Democratic Party and I always fill out the form we have in Rhode Island officially Parting ways with the Party(voting for a Democrat or Republican officially registers your name as being a member of said party)

The reason I fill out this additional form is the same reason I vote.  I want to send a message to the powers that be.  My “voice” will most likely be “heard” about as loudly as the economic trickle ever gets felt by the masses if they ever do get splashed down in the lower classes.  But I guess when it comes to citizenship I’m a blowhard, always exercising my opinion whether or not anybody is listening(or can hear me).



One thought on ““Ocracy”

  1. Succinct!!! The art of writing well is to use as few words as possible to say as much as possible. A little sarcasm always helps, too. Nicely done. rf


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