Some people are getting all excited about a macho douchebag who says he don’t talk politically correct.
Folks are gathering in groups at “political” rallies yelling words like “faggot”, even resorting to violence if anyone in attendance is in need of censorship.
It’s a changing world out there and some of us don’t suffer it gracefully. They wanna Make ‘Murica Great ‘Gain.

They haven’t looked at themselves lately.  Not in the mirror, they haven’t really thought about it.  Its like when a vicious dog goes into the red zone.  It doesn’t matter any more what it was that pissed him off.  He is a machine now and he’s programmed to get his taste of blood.  Oh yeah and he can’t be turned off.

Arguing is futile but fighting is necessary.  Are we armed?  Do we know how to fight?  How do we become water and douse this hateful bonfire?  How can ever we get everyone’s attention onto something positive and useful, like maybe the planet or our children?

The answer probably doesn’t lie within the chant of “Feel The Bern”, ‘though I do feel that itch.  But if not him, then whom?  If not now, then when?  If not this, then how?


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