I feel strongly about the fact that Bernie Sanders is the only candidate for President(this cycle) who could possibly incite some real change. It isn’t often you can find anything really ‘worthy of a cause’ in Presidential politics. Sure it is fun to draw your lines and pontificate and debate about who is a better politician, etc…
But these politicians are always very politicianny. They are sleazy, phony, mysterious and out of touch.

Certainly one is a little better than the other but really, who gives a shit? Presidents dictate many policy decisions, but it doesn’t make much of a difference for which of the 2 parties they work. Tax code will vary a few points, the military will go to war with one country or another country depending on party.  We’ll still be at war.  Our economy will still be BROKEn.  We will still be living in a bizarre white supremacist, fascist United States controlled by secretive Oligarchs loyal to no country, not even loyal to our home planet Earth!

Many of these things will stay the same at first.  If Bernie is elected he will experience a huge backlash.  He won’t get anything through congress. But this will also lead to enormous excitement.  Young people in this country will feel politically relevant and stay interested.  The next congressional election will swing further to the “left”.  The Democratic Party could be reformed!

Clinton represents millions of black citizens serving unreasonable prison sentences.

Clinton represents the rich getting richer and the poor still stuck, dying younger and living with no hope, only delusion.

Clinton is an expert politician who knows how to dance and cowtow to these few Oligarchs who are not smart enough(or a little too sociopathic) to care about saving our planet and the survival of our species.

Bernie takes no quarter from the Big Donors.

Bernie has a track record of consistency. He is what he is.  Hillary isn’t what she says she is.

I believe health care is indeed a right.  I don’t understand people who say we can’t have free health care here like we do in other modern civilized countries in Europe and North America.  Why not?


One thought on “Leap Day (Why I’m voting for Bernie Sanders)

  1. You make good points why to vote for Bernie (if one were inclined to vote, thereby passively promoting the system). Keep in mind that most people hooked their stars on Obama, and I can safely say, he let us down. As long as you go into the voting booth with your eyes wide open, without forgetting what you know, hopefully you won’t be too disappointed when Bernie (if elected) drops the ball or is intercepted on every play.

    Stay hopeful, but mindful. Don’t trust the system of capitalism–it can’t can’t be tweaked to serve our interests. rf


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