It is an unfortunate connotation that comes to mind when I imagine “feeling the Bern”.  But everything with potential good must also have its negative side.  A virus has come to symbolize the nation’s first Socialist Democratic candidacy for President.  Ironically, for the country, this “virus” might actually be beneficent.

I tend to see local political issues as the easiest to relate to.  It is easy for me to see what I think is right in front of me, or across the street.  Presidential politics seem to be purely symbolic, however in the digital age, we are now beginning to understand the power of symbols(advertising) on our lives.  Anything that counters the deafening global “austerity” rhetoric is welcome locally.

Bernie’s campaign has shattered President Obama’s previous record for total # of individual campaign donations up to this point in history.  Our democracy is so deeply troubled that normally, I am not sure there is any hope but Bernie’s campaign flies right in the face of that defeatist attitude.  It seems to me that Bernie has caught steam from the #OccupyWallStreet movement and turned that into real political power.  Now I too am feeling that warmth, that burn.

How did I catch this disease?  I must have been doing something wrong.  Was I sleeping with the wrong people?  Yes!  In fact I have been engaging in unsafe intercourse with corporations(are people) who’ve loved and left me, abused and seduced me and then “left me standing in the doorway crying.  I got nothin’ to go back to now”.  I find it more and more difficult to chase money and participate in such an unfair and corrupt system no matter how much I need to everyday.  I am truly not sure that I can afford the $27 that is the average donation to Bernie’s campaign, so perhaps I’ll just shell out a few bucks. Feeling the Bern, but also itching.



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