The super hero.
Oft forgotten
Water! Listen to its sound.
Become what it surrounds.
Live within Water.
The local basis, stand-in for everything,
the clay that makes magic,
the only remedy for the tragic, unplastic.

Promote and consume water.
Savor it, transport it, absorb it. Unleash and resorb it.

The most changeable matter transforms unseen right in front of our eyes. From steam all the way into ice, fluid in between. Water is essential make up. We search the sky for planets at just the right distance from their suns to allow for the existence of life-bearing water.
Just the right, narrow temperature barometer is needed to allow for the existence of a matter which can transform to and from phases and yet still remain intact.
A precious recipe for a hopeful disaster.
I love water. And why should I not? It appears to hold a secret. An obvious answer that is easy to overlook, translucent.


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