It’s a new century, a new millennium already.  Fifteen years in and one thing I will not miss from the ’90’s is that pervasive apathy that encloaked every endeavor undertaken during those ten, give or take a couple, years that made up the “Generation X” period.  If only we knew then that, as a society, we were suffering from something regarded medically as “severe depression”. 
We were unable to enjoy anything without some kind of disclaimer.  The best rock album of the decade was called “Nevermind” and the most popular situation comedy was all about “nothing”. I can recall artists doing everything they could to avoid coming across as being “political”. Sure, an agenda can corrupt the purity of an artist’s vision, but a genuine outpouring of the soul can also have potent political implications.
People in the media always refer to the ’90’s as a wonderful pre-darkness period of relative riches. I think some of us may have been in denial. Our denial was not truly blissful either. It was more like that drugged feeling of being pushed quickly along on the rails of a Dysneyesque amusement park ride, a high-speed hybrid of horror and cheese.
We denied countless possibilities for the future and pretended not to exist in our own reality. Our education was stunted, meanwhile the “internet superhighway” was still under construction. Conspiracy theorists received cameos as side characters with mental issues as seen in the film, “Slacker”. We attempted to block out the unpleasant ethos of the time while embodying it just the same. We wore a baseball cap and pushed carriages at the supermaket while listening to Public Enemy and the Sex Pistols on a Walkman with headphones.


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