I need help,

I need a loving hand.

I need a friend who stands.

Can’t fix all these Earth ills…I alone.

Finally recognize this

Island won’t inhabit itself.

I am this man,

Am not that army…

It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in God.

Cause down here we all need.

I need help

I can’t do justice for myself

Can’t burn for the Hell

I can return to find myself….by myself

My hopes pretend and then wander

The Devil provides and then he plunders

God rains, Heaven thunders

I need help

I need some hands on drums

It’s getting hard to strum

Think I’ll try someone

I need help

I got a car that bleeds

A carpet full of seeds

Out in a field that’s full of rubbish

I got needs

I got no credit score

I got a Wal-Mart store

And a friend who’s sleepin’ on my floor

I need help

Got feathered friends

Am I for real or pretend

How ’bout some packages of free Depends?

I need help

I need a pumpkin seed

I need knowledge for feed

Need a future that my eyes might see

I need help

Need contingency

Know not security

Already got fealty

I need help


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