Why does it make me upset to think that we are being lied to? Big deal right?  
In our history books in the public schools I attended growing up, there were sections that discussed a thing called “propaganda”.  It was a tactic used by some of the other less-free countries that have failed and some that continued to exist such as Communist Russia, Nazi Germany and Communist China.
     This tactic was understood by our “democratic” society as morally wrong no matter how effective it may be.  Censorship is not the only issue here.  Propaganda refers to a certain style of manipulative storytelling, subtle lies.  It almost sounds soft, no big deal.
     I kick myself for not being prescient or merely intelligent enough to think, as a young buck, that maybe, in fact, the words I was reading right then, were themselves, the words, of, “propaganda”.  Could it be that the story I was reading and being told by my teachers, and discussed by my classmates was all a part of my own home country’s very own “propaganda”? 
     Now as I sift through information in the Web and I find former government employees speaking frankly, on the record, about creating false storylines to cover up horrifying truths, I am getting upset. I start to get hot and angry, but it’s not just because robot remote-control airplanes have been shooting missiles at innocent families, or because human beings are being used for discredited scientific experiments against their will in Guantanamo, or because of any of the atrocities being done in our country’s name. 
      I am angry that we are being lied to.  It is a tricky thing to track down and uncover the sources of “propaganda”, but whoever they are, and for my own personal reasons, that’s who I’m after.  They make me feel stupid. I have a little chip on my shoulder that makes me defensive about my own level of intelligence.  I am aware of this hangup but I have not exactly gotten past it.
     So, with that in mind, if I ever get the chance to find those motherfuckers, I will not follow my usual principles of nonviolence.  I will not try to compete with their game of words and “propaganda”.  I will resort to “fight or flight” lizard brain reaction. I hope you know which of these options my Irish lizard brain is most prone to choosing in this situation.  I will be sniffing for blood.  I will do this not out of righteousness, but out of pride, simple, stupid pride.


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