This is the woman I wish I had married.

Seen her on tv and I heard tell.

Say she’s walked all over, but

All I can see is

everything she gives…

intoxication she creates,

a commonplacency

There is no burden that I’d really want to carry.

My life plan is for Retirement,

man, (I know a little place…

An around the corner nook,

Creature’s Secret Stash ‘O’ Privacy)

We can dodge the bullet train- Simplicity

You and I can travel time, relive the past…Mortality

And I can’t forget about my ultimate destination,

Stasis Fantasia

Let us go, we were always gonna get there,

inevitability as yet not unlearned,

Not for naught, uninsured

Salt in my face, already I’m Melting

End to the Prequels, in Conclusion neverending


Always feeds to this,

each avenue leads to this

Long unforgotten Salutation

Infinite double sided protrusion

Illusion external and finite


Upended, Expecting


Regression Sex



Hair, breasts,

depressed, dressed naked

or just undressed

Blond, God, antonym synergy


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