Cold. I would guess 28 degreess

$ is a conundrum.
An endless maze challenge full of countless humiliation deadends. It can dominate your entire life. There are so many places to sleep and so many people to meet in the guilded society of $ Maze. These are Mind Traps.  Drink coffee, put your blinders on.

She can dominate your entire life, the dollarmatrix.  She’ll whip you as you like it and more if you won’t.

“The nice thing about glass ceilings is they can be broken.”  “That is unless you hold them. You better toss your token.”

Stained glass ceilings advertise false limitations.
Beautifully handcrafted danger zones.
The artiste enabler painting pictures of mortality,
a scientifically proven reality.
A Death by presumption, rough disruption.  
Don’t let your life submit to limitation by perception.


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