An anti-government filmmaker who was working on a documentary called Gray State: The Rise was found dead in his home in Minnesota along with his wife and five year old child on Tuesday 01/20/2015.  The family dog was still alive.

Since the investigation is ongoing, I wouldn’t presume to know if it was suicide or assassination although it does appear to be suspicious.  No matter what the truth behind these deaths is, I have been manipulated by what facts I do know to watch a supposed “rough cut” of Mr Crowley’s documentary posted on YouTube immediately after the news of his death.

The “rough cut” is over two and a half hours long.  It is made up mostly of talking heads and news clips.  It is a very long collage with plenty of title screens that are difficult to read. 

The evils of collectivism, socialism, military and government in general are on display here.  This film attempts to wake people up to the possibility of our country becoming a totalitarian state. Unfortunately the film never addresses race even during significant sections about the state of policing in the U.S. and the drug war. 
It would seem that the intended audience of this film is white libertarian male(no mention of women’s issues whatsoever). 
I did find the section on the Federal Reserve to be interesting.  I agree that our freedoms have been eroded, we are wrongfully killing with our immoral wars. The focus stays too long on our government and not quite long enough on those who control our government and most of the world.
It would be more interesting if the voices of Adam Kokesh, Alex Jones, Stuart Rhodes and Ron Paul were joined by people like Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges, Cornell West and Assata Shakur.


One thought on “David Crowley

  1. Well stated, objectively. Like most of these questionable deaths, we may never know what really happened–mainly because we can’t trust any official conclusion. I totally agree with your choice of honest, rational voices that need to be heard.

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