I’ve been tryin’ so hard,
but this was all I could do.
I’ve got everything I need,
but still I’m incomplete.
Everyone is here,
We work as a team.
Everything that I do
It’s all I ever could.

I’m playing Softball.
Pushing the wheel around.
Despite what I’ve learned, I never earned a PHD.
Despite all my concern, you might not make it home safely.
Used to swing fast, used to dream crazy…
When I look around all I see is reality plainly.
I’m playing Softball.
And I try to swim in place,
and help the children run a real race.
And I play Softball.

It’s not that I’ve retired,
nor did I get fired.
I still lumber through the snow.
I never lost desire,
but I never got much higher,
Than some of us will ever get to go

But go ahead…
You can try and throw a strike toward me,
For you, my eyes can still see,
If I can make contact


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