The intellectual debate about the NSA and privacy, security: All the while debating this transfixing issue, we should stop for a moment to ask, “Is this topic really important?”

is it possible that the current debate is yet another popular yarn distracting us from more pertinent yet ever neglected discussion?

I must love distractions. Watching youtube videos about Chem Trails, Reptilian Aliens and other far out popular theories is just as engrossing if not so much more than sitting back to take in a quality cable TV series from HBO and such.

Paranoia. What if the impossible is really true? Paranoia is creative. It is hopeful, too in the sense that it anticipates potentialities.

Today we debate the CIA’s torture programs, but yesterday we shouted “I can’t breathe!” and “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” for Mike Brown and Eric Garner who were killed by their local Police. Maybe Global Warming is the real, serious issue. Or maybe we should put all of our eggs into the space exploration basket.  Maybe everything is connected but we will never know what’s true and what’s false.  Is it ethical to block our interstate highways in the name of stopping rampant racial violence by police?  Are we safe from Ebola? Shouldn’t we block all flights from afflicted African countries? It is hard to keep track of what we should be most afraid of each day.

How are we surviving in this supposedly dangerous and tumultuous world?  Are people’s heads exploding as I tap my fingers on the glass? We may start to need lobotomies just to keep cool. We can adapt to become more similar to vegetables and just exist in a more pure form.


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