There is a perceived vanity of the cancer addicts filling the streets begging and stealing to garner enough cash to gain entry to the underground radiation dens located mostly in the slums.  The common wisdom of the day enforces a willful ignorance of the sufferers’ plight.  If you give one of these scorched skinned beggars any money, they are most likely to just go blow it on “night tanning”.  Meanwhile, tanning dens raise their prices by up to 400% after sunset.

Federico is as pale as his skin could possibly become, which is normally more of a medium tone rather than the light pink/pale face which is much sought after by the proprietors of illegal radiation “dens”.  According to common belief, white or “fair” skin as it is known,  counts as evidentiary proof of good health(no cancer) and high morals(lack of vanity or desperation).  There is a popular dictum amongst the salon treatment offerers that they “sell time”, they do not waste it on them selves.  Many “den” owners find it absolutely necessary to “prove” that the beds offered are for treatment of tumors and are never used for  “tanning”.  At least once a day Federico takes “vitamins” that really do more harm than good while they strip his skin of its natural olive hue.



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