Festervalian, take tock time.

Festervaliac- n. one who suffers endlessly as a religion and/or way of life

Intragenius- (I G) adj. a most immediate and potent revelation of truth. Method of teaching.

Cartographobe- n. one who fears the mapping of landscape.  Sarah’s cartographobia inevitably forced her to drive until she got lost.

Personality Vacuum Magnets. Heart Sucking Love Dragnets.

Im gonna walk right over and hand you my dollar. For collar and placement. I get paid if you deface me.

Hate Trees… Grow Like Weeds

Beneath the Weight of a Breeze, photogenetic wheeze

Desperation Hatred,,,If it don’t Work then Pretend…to Love

Hold up your finger, and then give us a kiss. Just get our attention, and we’ll do the rest


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