I haven’t felt this alive in weeks. Although I know its been years, rings around my ever widening stump, fat feet,

lifetimes described from myriad viewpoints.  Every second is a lifetime. All the years are just stories. Each step is an entire journey.  The Minutes are just one of the many available filters.

Let’s fuck it up so we can put it back down

Put it on pause, assign a new clause

Fuck it up so as to see, ‘n’ leave it to be

Psee, sceeh, she, tsi, si



I can see how much mentally slower I am normally because just right now I have been doing things I had left aside for endless periods of time.

Endless periods of time repeated

But right now it just seems easier, like I have strength from courage or maybe courage from strength.

How did I get here?  I’d like to be back a little more often than just right now

I am inclined

to believe

it is due

to courage(I couldn’t possibly be strong),

but what if it’s really strength.

This would call

into question

my courage,

I am hesitant to respond.

Know that strength

can be built

but Courage?

How will we have built


Maybe it is only because I am happier, less depressed. What if this is due to uncontrolable external factors such as seasonal weather changes? I am even more helpless, burden lifted, evaporated.

Then again it could also be due to happiness brought on by work and preparedness, a happiness persuaded, coaxed by endless invitation..


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