If you Don’t have something to Say,

Dont You Say something Nice

I’ve Got Stories to Tell,

I’ll Sell It All Twice


I can Never Remember the Greatest,

Won’t Clap For Your Name Alone

I’m Never Fit- Until Put To Test,

And Then I Can’t Ever Rest



As they say, as they say, and you Lay Your Gauntlet Down,

Open up the Old Back Doors Back Up, Let the Death Go Through Me



Stop thinking at All,

Tryin’ to Lose,

this Game,

Its A Clever Flaw,

Stop Thinking At All


Soothe they say,

Soothe they Say,

and you Lay Your Guantlet Down

You’ve got some Treasure Buried upstairs, Don’t you think it’s Kind of Us to Share?



Got Some Stories to Tell,

I’ll Say Everything Twice

But if you Don’t Have Nothing to Say,

Please Don’t Be Polite


Its no Lap Dance, I’m no Cheerleading Squad Leader

Without Rest-It’s Still Far Too Late To Hide

We play Chess, and Everything Else is a Guess

Stop Thinking’ At all


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