Won’t you just play your tunes?

I don’t wanna hear those truths

I’m just wadin’ through

I’ve got everything to lose


I don’t wanna hear about emotions

I Dont need to read any words

Dont wanna really know





Yesss it’s true…

Erecting statues around you

Yeahhh it’s to…

Walking Circles toward you


Come on now cough up that boot,

I don’t care how you got there,

Or how it is that you’re alive,

Nobody cares, so nobody cares for us too

Talk is for cheap stakes, Food Stamps for corn flakes

Let’s hear the truth, let go of the good,

Be gone


I’m spending all my borrowed times

Pretending that I’m still alive


Ohhh, it’s you….

And it’s you that I rue,

But ohhh, it’s too…

I think so much of you



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