I am quite surprised that in our current Day/Age, today in fact, I was able to tune into such an outdated mode(AM radio!) and hear a discussion about local grassroots activism by local people.  It is endlessly frustrating when tuning into local major news networks or reading the Providence Journal in search of real informative information about things that actually occur in my neighborhood.  Mostly we only get sound bites from government officials.  There is little to no investigation beyond that what the chief of police has to say about why hundreds of citizens would choose to take to the streets and how it all went down.

Pat Ford hosted a show called The Coalition w/ Melody Lee O’Brien, Mariah Burns, AM 790 on Sunday December 7 2014 10AM-11AM

I do not agree with everything that Pat Ford had to say in his opening remarks, but that made it much more exciting to listen to. I usually find it boring to listen to people who all agree on every issue, yet discuss devisive topics.  Leftists and Libertarians have a lot in common.  Both sides agree on most issues of individual freedom.  They also agree on many foreign policy issues.  Where we tend to disagree lies in the general arena of taxation and social services.  Considering the corrupt state of government and status quo, real people on the left and right have good reason to band together based on what we do agree upon.  That kind of unity is a nightmare for the Ruling Class.

I would have liked to hear a bit more from Melody Lee O’Brien on the show, but Mariah Burns is very out spoken and did a wonderful job of leading the conversation and keeping it engaging throughout.  I am literally “familiar” with Mariah’s conversational abilities as she is in fact my first cousin.  Melody said that she was not affiliated with Occupy Providence or any other group.  She is an individual activist.  I, like Mariah described her own upbringing, “was raised awake”.  Both of my parents were actively involved in grassroots political movements in the ’60’s and ’70’s.  I was raised knowing how to protest, speak my mind and most importantly, I was taught to use Critical Thinking.  But I am awed by people who were not so lucky as I was to have knowledge of turn of the century worker’s rights movements and such by the culture that their parents offered them.  I want to hear that person’s story about how they “woke up” and became proactive.  We really need to reach the average person in our community who is afraid to step out of bounds mentally and question the words we all read that are printed on pages and form their own opinions and add their voices so this conversation can have real Meaning.




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