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I think it was around the summer of 2009 that we recorded this album.  These songs were all improvised in the studio. We recorded hours of “jams” and selected our favorites for the recording.  The album probably would have had at least five separate tracks had we not blended the recordings together.

On our first record, everything was written and arranged long in advance of the recording. Joe Has A Big Fat Head was created over probably six months of mostly improvised jamming.  One might describe it as a collage.  After painstakingly sifting through hours of jams recorded on 4 track tape, we then added some vocal overdubs and percussion.  We improvised and then we edited and then we added and then we messed with it some more.  It is not a pure record. It is not completely analog or digital.  Although it was initially improvised, we edited and arranged everything into songs.  It was very collaborative.

Joe Fortune: guitar, vocals

Kyle Stumpe: drums

Dusty: synth

Erik Nestor: bass



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