Who knew the dead would stop dancing? All the cigarettes, gone to ashaholism?

Long distance runners tripping up their own steps,

Once connected,  

Forever seeking out arrangements.

Everybody’s mother’s sister’s brother out there

Mending estrangements

What will? Codify the massachuse? Don’t be such a Wampam-naug. This train now runeth the river now overt.

And even airplanes need some resuscitation

And maybe humans weren’t born to fly

There’s certain things happen after you die

And if you’re not stupid

You tried never to fly

You spent your entire afterlife

Pondering the reasons for the why’s

Rescueth kindle from the currents

Uncovered sibling hatred

Recurrently kindling

Where are you now, Isaac

Oh eye ess aye aye see

Happier whence noweth eye C

seems a distraction, yet vital hibbitoir o’ doom

Nonviolent neccessity

Requireth soon


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