Sweet Misery

3/4 cup Anger suppressed

5 cloves Suspicious Paranoia pealed and broken

4 cup Mother’s Milk fermented

2-3 large ripe Fears all skinned and steamed

1/2 pound julienne Guilt

2 pinches Shame

1 1/2 teaspoons Essence of Impotence strained and pulped

1/2oz Stems of Failure fully smashed

In a large empty caldron place the anger and suspicious paranoia on a medium to low flame. Stir quickly and continuously until it begins to resemble a solid Vengeance. Spit a teaspoon of fresh flem into the thickening Vengeance. Continue to stir with increasing ferocity.

Blanche the Guilt over a naked fire.

Dip the ripe Fears in a simmering vat of salted butter for exactly thirty five seconds.  Immediately lather in raw Molasses.  Sprinkle with shame and set the fears on ice.

Add the Guilt slices and Failure stems to to the simmering carmelizing Vengeance roux. In a seperate bowl, mix the Impotence into four cups fermented Mother’s Milk. Pour this sour mixture slowly into the caldron so as to emulsify with the Vengeance.

Serve each chilled Fear in a shallow pool of hot Vengeance either in a bowl or on a plate accompanied by a generous pouring of cheap aged Porto


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