Disney’s latest blockbuster has a hypnotic hold on the masses at this moment.

Prince Hans, wannabe king, seems a wonderful metaphor for our current president, Barack Obama.  His dastardly phoniness is utterly undetectable upon first meeting whence he sweeps Anna off of her romantic feet.  Most villains offer subtle hints of ulterior motives when first introduced in a story. Sure he has his detractors but none who seem to be thinking rationally. By the time this faker reveals his true feelings it seems too late in the game for Anna(citizens of the U.S.) to unengage him. Even if we are people who have good intentions, it’s easy still, to become duped by an actor.

The theme “Let It Go” has a fishy message. I think of passion, love, life itself. Shall I let it go? Fuck no, not unless I’m cold Charlton Heston holding a dead hand. Maybe it’s supposed to mean, “let your fears go, let inhibitions go, let hate go” .  That still doesnt sit right with me. In this situation it seems prudent to study your own hate and fear. “let it go, learn nothing”, very zen.  This theme reminds me of Obama’s theme of “Change”.  A better one would be “Changes” by David Bowie. The wording sounds more specific and therefore potentially more productive. Change You Can Believe In sounds better as, Changes you can actually see. “Turn and face the strange, changes”. One could say, “Don’t turn away, no fear”‘ “Don’t Let Go” “Keep fighting”


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