Heavy drops of love germinate the potential living soil. Deluge of rain, just a thin veil of intimidation.  It is possible to break through with a certain amount of determination. Tuesday can feel like Monday. Even Friday can masquerade.

Life is war. There are two overall camps forever battling and edging and conniving. Some play both sides. Some defect, cross over to the other side while others still will kill or be killed. But are there neutrals? Are there forces of compromise and of collaboration?

Nonviolence. No war. No prison.

Democracy. An outdated religion still wielding influence, though nothing similar to what was originally intended. It is a word that has buzz for many a people’s brain. It is mind altering, world shaking, for many people to seriously question their belief in reality. If God is wrong, than I’m wrong. If mother is wrong, then wrong must be right. If Doctor is wrong then I must be fucked. he is my God, my closest connection to magic.

Doctor my safety, offer me humbleness. Doctor me. Dr. democracy.Show me how to be wrong and how I can pay the price. Doctor wages his fight from the inside, the inside man making his quiet plan in the shadows of plain sight. Maybe He is the neutral, or maybe that used to be his role. Ironic role given potential for balance tipping.


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