Anne was a living God about town.  Strangers asked if she need anything while doing a small instinctual bow when anytime they saw her out somewhere. Anne was a living charitable event and she was somehow connected to just about every high end gala that took place in the county. She was the champion of  the currently en vogue cause, the Victims of Opioid Dependance as well as their families and affected communities.

It had been over ten years since the ribbon cutting at the county’s largest, most up to date Disease of Addiction treatment facility and community resource center. It was something like a small hospital dedicated to opiate dependence. Their were halls for NA meetings, an experimental psychedelic healing wing, a methadone clinic, needles and narcan antidote package pickup stations and a “traditional” counseling wing. All of this was spearheaded and sponsored by Higher Heroes, Anne’s politically powerful charity.

Once a year, during Opioid Dependance Awareness month in October 25th, a large group from a $500 a plate annual fundraiser luncheon would march through the “Tunnel of Tracks” where many users and dealers congregate. Anne led the procession without ever smiling. She gave out hugs, advice and offers of assistance, but it was a serious, somber compassion.

The parade would march from the “Tracks”, under the highway bridge and in into the main shopping district. All the stores stopped business momentarily to acknowledge the cause.  The procession continued to grow in numbers and audible volume as it approached the old courthouse steps where addiction “survivors” engaged in a ritual involving the release of many scores of glowing Chinese lanterns up into the sky representing newly freed souls from the shackles of addiction.


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