Sybil 7 

She didn’t speak primarily about world politics, Sybil was much more of a local hero.  We went to see Vengeance, New Bedford’s vegan, anti-rascist hardcore act, at an unrefurbished artist’s loft downtown one night and Sybil caused a mellodramatic stir. She was confronted in the middle of the mosh pit by Glitter Gut Gracie, the band’s lead singer and my heart froze along with the moment. Gutter Gut Gracie had an outreached middle finger headed directly at Syble as Tripple G stalked toward her.  The same hand with the finger opened up and slapped Sybil’s jacket, as if possibly scolding the clothing itself. Immediately, G3 began stripping seemingly exclusively dor Sybil.  I thought that I was witnessing Sybil’s fatal flaw revealing itself. Maybe shiny things, riches and class really were Sybil’s vice all along and she would now receive her comeuppance.  Somehow, however, she pulled off a kind of coup. First, she took off her Prada jacket and held it out as a sort of peace offering to the scene-making Gracie(a $650 value). Gracie got more angry just then and spouted a screaming tirade about globalization, slavery and the neo-liberal oligarchy all topped off by a flick of the wrist, sparking a small lighter’s flame, instantly igniting the Prada jacket in flames. The crowd erupted. The moment had became unfrozen.

    The next thing that happened briefly quieted the gathering audience for a solid three seconds. Sybil gently took back her article and put it back on, whilst enflamed. The crowd erupted again but so did the band. Sybil started catwalking, parting the sea of moshers like a sinister Moses until Glitter Gut Gracie herself surprisingly handed the microphone over to Sybil who bent to her knees, unleashing a horrific screech.


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