Marissa Nadler: She just released an album entitled July.  It has a well polished recorded sound, of course highlighting Marissa’s powerful, rich voice. I first heard her when she was nice enough to lend her vocals to one of Frank Marrocco’s songs. I was certainly bowled over at the time. Marissa’s singing continues to impress and entrance. She writes purposefully dark, moody songs and she continues to pump them out, quite prolific!

Mission of Burma, Wire, Public Enemy, Schoolboy Q, Dropdead for getting pumped, energized, awoken.

For atmosphere, John Fahey, XR Tabs(on soundcloud). Pablo Casals, Angelo Badelamente, Burial while Im writing or working on something.

I cannot seem to get over Neko Case.  I like her songwriting, but the kicker I think, is the way she and Kelly Hogan harmonize together on album after album continues to move me. Recently, I’ve been obsessed with an older track from Furnace Room Lullaby called “South Tacoma Way”

I can’t seem to get into Beck’s new releases

The Gene Clark album No Other is a really good orchestral rock album. The sound is very 1960’s jam out bluesy rock, but with cosmic philosophical lyrics.  This album doesn’t sound as fruity or quirky as some similar albums of the era by Love, Pink Floyd, etc. This is an album that was difficult to find in dust bins prior to the onset of the interwebs.


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