Sybil 4

Brotherly love is what I felt for her. Sure, I was physically attracted to her, but much as I desired the conquering of her femininity, I instictively cared for her well being.  While she could be extraordinarily critical in the classroom, not excluding the teacher, she protected and defended her friends fiercely.  It was as if we were part of her secret debate team alliance, ever poised for battle. Even now, as I lecture the ever so slightly more mature students at the collegiate level I can still imagine her smiling down on me from far away, encouraging.  Ok I loved her, yes I did.  But that is not quite what this story’s about.

Innately, I trusted her decision making even when it precluded me and my involvement.  For example, she always ran the point on the basketball court.  She designed the plays and was the defacto player-coach(we got into pickup games any chance we could). Although I was the best shooter from deep, she would only occasionally run plays through me in the clutch. I never had the chance to be miffed since we usually won the game. However, the first time I beat her at one-on-one, on a sweltering day in August before the start of Senior year, turned out to be the absolute happiest day of my youth.


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