US Dep of Labor Burreau of Labor StatisticsHow do those with $, power control the world? They control our country, state and city. They do so by infecting our minds. They use a clever manipulation of truths, facts along the way before or if we get to the voting booth.   Also, these people have an amazing promotional budget. They own, control the most profitable TV stations, radio and newspapers. The Internet is somewhat of a challenge for them, though not unbreachable.

Ed Achorn, of the editorial staff of our local “Journal”, tweeted “Rhode Island at extreme end of another list”(02/06/2014 @Ed_Achorn).  He included a link to a study published by the National Review which listed State legislatures as more liberal or less liberal and more or less conservative and so on. This being the day after he tweeted “Editorial: We think #RhodeIsland should do something about the lowest unemployment rate in America”(02/05/2014) with a link to a ProJo editorial promoting a pro-business, anti-regulation agenda. For some reason that particular tweet refers to Rhode Island in the third person as if it were authored by a foreign statesman and it also implies that maybe Cuba has better employment #s than we do here in Lil Rhody! but that’s besides the point.

Within the context of Rhode Island, ie @Ed_Achorn’s tweets, the National Review article serves to make an argument that maybe it is our “liberal” legislating that has indeed sunk our employment numbers so low. The study had Rhode Island coming in second behind to Vermont, yet eeking ahead of Massachusetts on the More/Most Liberal end of their scale. That minor trifle caught my eye. Massachusetts always seems to be at least one step ahead of Rhode Island in terms of progressive laws and politics.  Massachusetts had a public health care program long before Obama’s “Affordable Care Act” went into effect here in Rhode Island. Massachusetts has been ahead of us in rolling back “Blue Laws”, decriminalizing marijauna, and gay marriage.

Can the same argument be made in Massachusetts? Is there an inverse correlation between unemployment and liberal legislatures? Government statistics from December 2013 have Mass tied for 34th in the country and Rhody somehow coming in at 51st of all the fifty states. Ok so that’s unemployment. One would have to then make an “educated guess” that Massachusetts has far lower taxes, much less regulation on businesses in particular. Massachusetts, the less liberal, more pro-business state.


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