A psychedelic fountain located deep within a desert. It cannot be reached without a certain amount of effort and travel. When you get there it’s Transfixing. It will put you into a zone and attract your consideration.

A Calm, sobering drug. An experience that takes your mind on an interstellar Voyage, all while leaving your feet planted on Earth’s ground. A gentlemenly slap about the face, wake-up phone call. Verbless sentence.

A slow post, remaining on-screen for too long, imprinting, impregnating.  Extended release, it lets go slowly, calls attention to itself and it’s own Interest in you. Interest in get-to-know-you private time. Embedded message, going deep tissue messaging, illateral combining, pleasure pining

A rebirth on freeze frame, uh teeth hurt so please explain. Quicksilver shining slow. Microscopic hearing singing slow, slower than it seems

It just keeps leaking out with no mind and no end. It trickles tricks


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