I’ve always thought of the Grammy’s as a big industry infomercial scam, but it has never been more obvious that the Grammy’s in no way tells us anything about culture or society. It’s out of touch.

A show designed for liberals to pat themselves on the back for being progressive. It’s easy to be progressive in some communities. On the streets of the cities of America there exists tremendous homophobia, but the only time people are going to hear Macklemore is possibly at their local CVS or dentist’s office(if one is lucky enough to go to a dentist). It is not that I think there is something inherently wrong with Macklemore’s song, but I think it’s power and affect are greatly overstated. The guy isn’t even gay. He still represents an affluent white male perspective.  If I told you I once went to a gay bar and I found it to be not such a bad place even though I was not gay, I don’t think that you would be shocked. However, if someone had written a reggaeton song about something similar, then I think it could have a real affect on culture.

To me it seems like a farce to have a white rapper who appeals to the soft Rock crowd win best rap honors when most fans of rap music just would never listen to him.  The biggest event of the year in hip hop was non-arguably Kendrick Lamar’s freestyle verse on a remix of a rapper named Big Sean. The industry doesn’t even know this event even happened, or so it seems. Giving an award to Macklemore and Ryan does not mean that the hip hop community is over homophobia so let’s not be so proud of ourselves just ye


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