Amorphous Stumpe Fortune

We started calling ourselves Txoka Txoka sometime in 2004 or 5. Actually, at first it was Chaca Chaca, and then it was Chocka Chocka and various other spellings. We then decided to change the spelling of the band name every show. And we did, for a while until for some reason the TXOKA TXOKA spelling seemed final.

When I lived in Chicago, I worked with a lot of Mexican émigrés in restaurant kitchens. A couple of the lonely old guys would turn to me upon seeing a voluptuous woman walk by on her way to the restroom and say, “Hey guero, chacka chacka.”  However it is spelled, chocka tchaka is Mexican-American slang for “having sex” or “fucking”

Imagine an explosion on any scale. It could be the striking of a match or the original “Big Bang”.  Alright now zoom in close, focus in and print. Let’s watch the whole thing in slow motion, close up. This is the new name of our band, Slow Lava. I don’t feel that I am trying to express anything different now, but slowed down, in close for inspection, introspection. Just a different angle or a different take on the same story. If we are lucky to live long enough, we will again transform I’m sure.

Seven years separate these two recordings. It sounds more like seven lifetimes of separation. I am just glad to have lived these lives with these people and you


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