Stole, white. Done frocked. Lost thought.

All the mailboxes, all of the mailboxes: getting tuned up, reading, waiting.


All the receptors open, ready to take in every particle, past, present and future participle.


Cold, waif, hung, strode knighft

Chaosing, quest weary, Herculean bluff to nap along, habit form.


Uncollapsable dreamstate fathomed irrecovably, the election of legitimized Father Time Parlamentary God.


The untuck, some horse, colloquialism, nonesuch brazen chivalry, unquestionably giant in one’s greenhouse, self-contained, unrefrained.

The delicate, sacracy, heviosity, refectory is open Fall Wednesdays for stones unmerciful, questions non-refundable and tests of voluntary sterilization flex-expenses.

Is to unforbid, To quit.




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