A little warmer today. Hangover makes up for the lack of cold, but I got up and out of bed without much complaint just like the good old drunks days.

Seeing old friends last night was meaningful to me.  Everyone is in a different stage. Some in the middle of long term relationships and others getting out of them. Also, plenty are alone and confused. This showed me how, even though I made a reckless life choice in my late 20’s, I am now much better for it.

I am so lucky to be trapped in a more strict life scenario. It’s hard to know for sure if you are making choices in life or merely following your pre written DNA destiny. Today I am thankful. I also feel greater responsibility to my friends’ well being.

Loneliness seems to be coupled with desperation. Desperation is kind of scary in that it clouds decision making. Suicide is one horrible outcome that comes to mind, but there are many other ways one can damage his/herself.

My friends are all victims of the psychic war going on the hive of the mind. Ships of fools drunk on specific ideas soaring past each other, some waving, some giving the finger or mooning.

Some of them are dying, dead. Some live the evil prosperous dream. Still others dig in their heels, furiously grinding, trying to slow the spiral down.


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