Otherwise known as “beautiful decay” and other terms… I used to Love to walk around with my 35mm camera in and around abandoned factory zones and other decimated areas. I would capture, document some wall, angle or portion of the place that I found to be “beautiful”. I did not quite know Why I found it To be “pretty” or “nice” yet I had no doubt it was something I wanted to do. It speaks to fragility, the temporary nature of life and it’s phases? Document the moment, grant it eternity… or at least a little extension. Posterity. Is it possible that our world, our species, our life force in the here and now on Earth is nearing Extiction? Could it possibly be that our way of life is in the process of becoming just another abandoned factory? If that were so, I would probably want to document things. I might go exploring and try to build permanent museums to tell our story to future intelligent life. The future looks like a bonus now. If the world don’t blow, will the documentaries look silly? Will everyone point and laugh about the doomsday storytellers or will the ultimately unnecessary works of art have a Wondrous Obsolescence?


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