Lately Burl Ives for seasonal nostalgia magic. Apparently, he has versions of cool songs like “The Long Black Veil” and “I Walk The Line”

Juicy J has lyrics that are misogynistic, idiotic and repetetive. But there is something about the relentless drone of his songs? Entrancing medium slow pace. Similarly to Three Six Mafia, the music is hypnotizing, even soulful. The mantra-like phrases are so empty they are easy to ignore.

Instrumental hip hop such as that of DJ Screw, Alchemist

E-40’s new album, “The Block Brochure: Welcome To The Soil 4”, has minimal light digital beats. His rapping has always been odd with lots of unique lingo and quick warped phrasings. He reminds me of Del The Funky Homosapien in his rap style but he’s more street than hipster. E-40 is equally if not more creative than Del. it might be due to his staying grounded in the rules of current hip hop subject matter. It makes all of his bizarre lyrics more clear and followable. The nice thing about this new album is that it’s minimalism truly highlights E-40’s vocals making for a more titillating listen.

I would like to check out more rock, classical, avant, etc but the rap music is just so immediate. It might be more relevant. Kane Wests new album was the most interesting piece(in terms of Art) I’ve heard in awhile, even though I wouldn’t say that I really “liked” it. It was just more thought provoking.

Mac Miller “Watching Movies With The Sound Off” has dense music that melds with the vocals and songs that flow into each other. Listening To Mac Miller With The Tv Off (ha) reminds me od listening to “Paul’s Boutique”. The lyrics/stories don’t stick in my head but are still funny and clever. This albums reminds me of Kendrick Lamar’s “good kid, mAAd city” but sounds a little less important, less pressing, slightly less passionate.


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