It’s amazing how distant we can hold the concepts of science and spirituality in our minds. Although apart, these two poles are always connected. We cannot see the magnetic energy, but we know it is there. We cannot see God but we can behold God’s works of Life.

What is life? The Universe looks so dry. Like a difficult conversation, it’s impossible to get anywhere.

But all the dark matter could be a cloak.   Just a disguise for hidden magic.

Everything we see is an interpretation, a new translation. Who feeds us that info? Are we brains in jars connected to the internet of virtual reality? It would seem that we can never know for certain. Isn’t this quite similar to religion in that it requires faith in an impossible-to-prove potential truth.

It seems that faith is something to turn off and on again where necessary. When confronted with concepts that are new and confusing to us, we have to let go of preconceptions and knowledge that we hold true just so we can actually see the reality in front of us.


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