Is the system broken? Should we take down the whole thing and start from scratch?

 The supposed Free Market Capitalism(which we don’t truly have in the Libertarian Utopian sense) system which dominates the Globe is simply failing in every way. The only people who are truly Free in this system are the 1%. I have heard reasonable, intelligent people explain that we just need to stop all or almost all Governmental interference in our lives and in the economic Marketplace.  I can see some pro’s of this viewpoint. This would be a system honest and open system with no Bailouts for big or small business. Nor would there be Welfare for families and individuals. 

I have to admit that the Fairness aspect of this argument is quite appealing.  We would all be either victims or victors of the market and we would have no one to thank or to blame other than Nature itself.

I’m getting cold just thinking about this.


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