Whichever the topic I can see flaws on both sides. In fact, there never sems to be merely “both” sides. I believe that is known as Dadaism in art, just one movement amongst thousands from history.

It’s so easy to find ways to disagree. I can turn my face red and squeeze my heart with ranting anger very easily with my eyes closed. Maybe it’s just selfishness that makes me want to look for agreements. Even finding the thinnest shred of common ground between competing parties makes me feel calmer and healthier.

The idea of countries and patriotism seems just as silly/evil to me as rascism and Eugenics does. I can easily see connections or similarities between disparate religions. Whether or not we are ready to allow our differences to fall out of focus now or not, the time for that moment in history has now arrived.

I first started hearing the term “globalization” around about the same time I heard the term “Internet Superhighway”. “Globalization” has always been a dirty word. It has its pros and cons, but for the average person it amounts toa mostly cons.

But I would like to turn that word on its head. Globalization could refer to a mindset change rather than a mere economic systems change(although it would be that too).  When we think about what may be good for our “country”, we should think about what is good for the “Globe”. It is possible for many activities and objectives to fall within both circles of “country” and “globe”. There are other circles to consider like “family” and “community”. It is interesting to think twice about some of our doings that fall within one circle yet still outside one of the other circles.

I seem to recall John McCain referring to “God, Country, and Man”, or was it “God, Country and Family”? I imagine my own counterpoint to that would be, “God, Universe, Galaxy, Globe, Family, Life”


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