I hate talking about death around my son. Intellectually I know that it’s something that has to betalked about in order to be endured, understood, accepted. I have this deep fear of his sadness and my role in this world is that of the Eradicator of Sadness.

So in the end I do just talk about it. It always feels that tragedy comes in groups,multiples of three or at least 2(think shoes dropping)?  This last week two young people died that were part of my wider circle of friends.  One may have been an overdose and another a suicide. To complete the trilogy, the great hero Nelson Mandela passed away in his 90’s. Is there a pattern here? What can one take  away from this series of events? OD, Suicide, Apartheid. Drugs, Depression, Inspiration

It seems somehow robotic to reflect on someone’s life and spirit at the moment of his or her death.  Why not consider and appreciate people whilst they are here with us? I can’t say why we take each other for granted but we often do. So death offers us an opportunity to reflect on life and on what each unique path each one took.  I think we can learn from everyone’s story whether we perceive them to be a good or bad person.

I only met Joe Buzzell a handful of times but he left a strong impression on me.  His face expressed complex emotion. I found it very easy to relate to him even before we had had a conversation. He struck me as Sad, full of Love, vulnerable, gentle. An Artist, Breakable and Miraculous


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