Something’s gonna change I can feel it

Revolution is a process

Somethings happening

In the Ninety’s we were apathetic. I mean we Americans in general. I didn’t feel apathetic myself of course. I believe I waexperimenting mad teenager. I had strong radical left beliefs and I was always willing to argue politics and state my passionate opinion. But all the same, I didn’t see anything like revolution happening around me. I think that maybe Impotence is a more apt term than Apathy. It was a dark dopey period. The Cocaine 80’s required the Opiate Comedown 90’s. we all hit rock bottom in the first decade of this new century. There is something wonderful about rock bottom. It’s a clean slate, game reset. A period of recovery.

This brings us to the current Wake The Fuck Up decade (the teens). The Internet has been fully functional for over twenty years. I remember an old wide eyed public school teacher of mine excitedly espousing the wonders of the Information Superhighway! I think I basically understood what he was talking about at the time. It also seemed silly and exaggerated to me. I imagined it to be a semi entertaining computer magazine with games.

The effects of the Internet on education are astounding. Children are learning to read faster and younger. Adults can give themselves a complete education at their leisure in the subject of their choice.

People seem more willing to question the official narrative of world and national events.  It used to be that one would be laughed at for talking about the JFK assassination conspiracy or the problem of fiat currency vs the gold standard.

I now think that big revolutions of change are in the process of happening already. I refer to world power, currency, philosophy, etc…

Now that much of the world is closely connected in terms of communication, we can have real discussions with each other. What do we want for the future of our children, our planet, our universe.  Globalization should translate to the end War as we have known it. It’s not naive optimism anymore to say that we need to join together as a Species and protect our home planet. These things absolutely need to happen before we destroy ourselves.

In the face of terrifying stakes, we have opportunity now for world peace

For serious


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